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Article published in The Economic Times

Emirates Shipping Line

Article published in The Economic Times (03 Oct 2006) where ESL Chairman and CEO, Vikas Khan has stated that the one of the key to success of ESL has been the IT system developed by Solverminds, Chennai.

The Economic Times Article

The Liner and the Agency enterprise products from Solverminds form the backbone of our organization where the entire business process is linked and digitalized. Solverminds have given us a product that suits our requirement and needless to state the efforts put by the development team are commendable and we are happy about the results. We do consider Solverminds as our technology partners to achieve what we need to in the next couple of years with a clear focus on IT solutions both externally and internally.

Ranjit Narayan 

Vice President, Process Engineering & IT

Emirates Shipping Line