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Gothong Southern Shipping Lines, Philippines signed pact for SVM LRP/ARP system

Gothong Southern Shipping Lines of the Philippines, a key player in the Philippines domestic shipping market, is in the business of logistics, shipping and ports, providing solutions for efficient and timely movement of goods and information, has today signed contract with SVM Solutions & Technologies of Malaysia, a subsidiary of SOLVERMINDS, India to implement SVM LRP/ARP © Liner & Agency Resources Planning System, a fully web enabled and scalable ERP solution designed and built for the container liner shipping industry.

Mr. Charles Robert Gothong, President of Gothong Southern Shipping Lines explained “we were searching around on the market to look for a suitable liner application system that can replace our legacy system and help us meet expanding business. After evaluating a number of vendors’ solution including system from some well-known software vendors available in the market that has the functions to handle Philippine’s domestic shipping practices over past few months. We finally identified and selected SOLVERMINDS ERP solution as the system has the closes fit to our liner business requirements. SOLVERMINDS not only has the required shipping industry knowledge of both international and domestic Philippine shipping business, competency and most importantly their ERP solution is already implemented successfully by other Philippine domestic shipping lines. The new system will help us to reduce general effort and customer transaction processing time and at the same time increase accuracy and reporting capabilities required for front-line operations by introducing a new integrated front-line software system.”

The SVM LRP/ARP © Liner & Agency Resources Planning System, an ERP solution from SOLVERMINDS is built with J2EE technology, fully web-enabled and is scalable that provides a single unified platform allowing Gothong Southern Shipping Lines and branch offices/agencies to standardize operating procedures, ensure compliance to corporate policies & strategies, provides a seamless data flow from operational activities, shipments & documentation to accounting & billing. The integrated system platform enables key management executives at corporate office unprecedented visibility to real-time information on container inventories & status, capacity utilization, commercial and shipment order thus allowing these executives to make better informed decisions.

He further adds that “with the help of the new system, Gothong Southern Shipping Lines’ executives can now focus on improving its business operations, improves on serving the customer more efficiently and set strategies to meet changing business environment. Customers can also look forward do business with us online using the e-commerce tools (self-service portal) to tracking shipment, searching for sailing schedules, submit booking request and preparing shipping order/instruction online and rely less on traditional method of communication through phone & fax thus helping our customers reducing overall cost associated with preparing shipping documentation.” For more info on Gothong Southern Shipping you can go to www.gothong.com

About Gothong Southern Shipping Lines.,

Gothong Southern is in the business of logistics, shipping and ports, providing solutions for efficient and timely movement of goods and information. Our head office is in Cebu City with a branch office operating in Manila. We have logistics and shipping agents in practically every major city in the country.

Guided by our core values that are fueled by our passion, we continue to provide excellent service that ensures total customer satisfaction. We focus on developing our human talents and enhancing our operating systems that make our company one of the best in the industry.


SOLVERMINDS (SVM), a recognized specialist software solution company for the liner container shipping industry, has been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative solutions to helping container shipping lines optimize assets utilization and reducing operating cost. Our portfolio includes enterprise resources planning (ERP) system that is designed for container liner industry, which includes front-end and back-end maritime transport business processes, and professional services offering advice on shipment order issues and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to maritime and logistics related organizations. https://www.solverminds.com

About SVM LRP/ARP© Liner & Agency Resources Planning System

A fully web enabled J2EE enterprise resources planning (ERP) solution designed & built for liner container shipping and agency, The application provides comprehensive functions to allow shipping lines and its agency offices a single integrated platform to manage their key competencies from planning network route schedules, tariff and yield to shipment documentation, container management, contracts and accounting giving the management unprecedented real-time visibility to their global business activities, manage and optimize assets utilization and monitor performance of their offices and agencies while reducing operating costs. The application is currently being used by renowned global container carriers with 6,000+ users in over 80 countries..