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SOLVERMINDS Announces Availability of Enhanced Document Security feature in Original Bill of Lading

This feature provides added security to allow user to verify the authenticity of the transport document.

Solverminds, a specialist enterprise solution provider for liner shipping transport industry announced immediate availability of new feature in its flagship ERP application solution suites to enhance the security of the transport document (Bill of Lading, Delivery Order, Container Release Order and others) enabling owners of version 2 to immediately upgrade to the latest release.

This feature creates a unique encrypted code generated from system that will be transformed into QR Code and printed onto the original Bill of Lading. A QR Code Reader separately developed by the company on android platform is required to scan the code to check the authenticity of the document. This allows supply chain parties a quick way to verify the document thus minimizing the chances of wrongful delivery of cargo or financial transactions.

The QR Code reader application is an Android mobile application separately developed by Solverminds that will be installed as part of the solution implementation.

Positive Customer Impact

Using the free QR Reader developed by Solverminds any supply chain stakeholders, shippers, consignee, buyers, banks, terminal operators, and custom can easily detect any fraudulent transport documents to prevent wrongly delivery of cargoes and financial losses.