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LRP / ARP product is now compatible with MS SQL 2014

Solverminds is happy to advise its clients that the LRP / ARP product is now compatible with MS SQL 2014. The new SQL server 2014 has been rigorously tested for all modules of LRP / ARP and E-commerce.
This new version enables enterprise to reach new levels of

  • High performance and Scalability
  • High availability
  • Security
  • Programmability
  • Easy access of Data
  • Powerful Insights with familiar tools
  • Support for backup of previous versions of SQL Server
  • Reporting services
  • Data quality services
  • Integration services
  • Manageability

LRP/ARP product now seamlessly works with latest version of SQL Server 2014, which enables Shipping enterprises to get benefit from latest features like In-Memory, increased no. of AlwaysON instances and obviously improved performance.

In-Memory OLTP
The main new feature in SQL Server 2014 is In-Memory OLTP, which grants you a significant speed improvement. This flagship feature stores all the data in the memory to improve access time – which is now nearly 1000 times faster than that of a hard drive disk.

In-Memory OLTP has the following Features:

  • No buffer pool
  • Stream-based storage for durability
  • Full ACID support
  • Core engine uses lock-free algorithms
  • No lock manager, latches or spinlocks
  • Use of T-SQL compiled to machine code, via C code generator (C compiler integrated in SQL Server 2014 engine)
  • Invoking procedure – DLL entry-point
  • Aggressive optimization at compile-time

Always ON
SQL server has enhanced AlwaysOn integration by expanding the maximum number of secondary replicas from four to eight. Readable secondary replicas are now also available for read workloads, even when the primary replica is unavailable.


  • Enables high availability and disaster recovery for multiple SQL Server databases
  • Increased number of secondaries (up to 8 secondary replicas) used to distribute read workloads and provide recoverability
  • Secondary replicas can be used for reporting and backup
  • Each secondary SQL Server replica has its own copy of the protected databases
  • Continuously synchronize transactions from the primary replica to each of the secondary replicas
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting message display has been improved to offer more specific information.

Every new release of SQL Server brings a whole load of new features that an administrator can add to their arsenal of efficiency.This provides the basic new features that including backup, security, column store enhancements, extensions with SQL Server 2014 and more.

  • Improve oversight with better management and monitoring
  • Protect your work with enhanced security features
  • Upgrade performance tuning, scaling, replication, and clustering
  • New options for backup and recovery
  • Easy managing maintenance tasks
  • Provides better view to monitor performance schedule, frequency and the last execution result
  • Graphical comparison of statistics over different time periods to find performance bottlenecks