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SOLVERMINDS released Business Process Management (BPM) tool v1.0 designed for container shipping industry

SOLVERMINDS is pleased to announce the availability of new Business Process Management (BPM) tool version 1.0 that is fully integrated with its flagship ERP product SVM LRP/ARP © Liner & Agency Resources Planning System.

The new tool will help container shipping lines and agencies improve corporate performance by managing and optimizing shipment order and fulfillment processes. There are many BPM tools available in the market by other vendors but none of them provides the processes that are required specifically for the liner shipping industry. SOLVERMINDS’ unique solution is designed for the industry and closes the gap that is not served by any other vendors.

The drag and drop functions and highly configurable features allow each business process management team from individual organization, department to easily customize the processes to meet their unique individual processes. For example, user can configure the BPM engine to trigger email alert to consignee if the container has been discharged and is still not collected by the consignee and idle at the port/terminal after certain number of days to alert consignee that demurrage charge is incurring.