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Gothong Southern Shipping Lines selects Solverminds CRM

Gothong Southern Shipping Lines (GSS), a domestic shipping company headquartered in Cebu, Philippine, has selected Solverminds to implement SVM CRM – Customer Relationship Management system, to help their sales-force across all branch offices and agencies to improving sales engagement to drive better customer services and increase sales.

GSS has previously implemented Solverminds LRP/ARP – Liner and Agency Resources planning system that helps them manage their core shipping operations. With the implementation of the CRM module that is fully integrated to the back end core operation system, GSS Customer Service and Account Executive teams can gain better insights into their customers’ need and tailor made shipping services to match their customers’ requirements. The built-in customer analytics provides dashboard of all customers’ past and present cases for example, why customer has stopped giving booking, was it due to noncompetitive rate, or was it due to services failures like constant vessel delays or poor quality of container provided for each shipment. These information will be handy for sales team to plan strategy when meeting up with customers to negotiation for future support. The same information will be handy for Customer Service team in attending to customers’ inquiries.

SOLVERMINDS is pleased to be given an opportunity to partner with GSS, a renowned shipping company in the Philippines, in its quest to provide innovative and world class shipping solutions. Our team was recently at GSS Cebu office to conduct requirement workshop to define the project scope.

About Gothong Southern Shipping Lines (GSS)

GSS is in the business of logistics, shipping and ports, providing solutions for efficient and timely movement of goods and information. Head office in Cebu City with a branch office operating in Manila. GSS has logistics and shipping agents in practically every major city in the country. Guided by their core values that are fueled by their passion, GSS continues to provide excellent service that ensures total customer satisfaction. GSS focuses on developing human talents and enhancing operating systems that make the company one of the best in the industry.


SOLVERMINDS is a leading software solution company, specializing in providing enterprise application solutions for liner shipping companies, Agencies and NVOCC companies. The company has since its inception in Sept 2003 developed and delivering innovative optimization tools and integrated ERP system for the liner container shipping industry.

About SVM CRM ©

SVM CRM © Customer Relationship Management sales-force and customer management application that provides the supporting tools/functions to plan sales visit, sales-force quote, and monitor account management activities. The Customer and Sales-force Analytic provides insight to customer’s lifetime support information and sales-force performance with real-time shipment data feed from company’s flagship SVM LRP/ARP © Liner & Agency Resources Planning system, a fully web enabled JEE application that empowers shipping lines to plan, monitor, optimize and control their front and back office operations. The Customer and Sales-force Analytic provides management decision support dashboards to monitor performance of their offices and agencies against budgets.