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The ‘3rd Inspectors Feedback Meeting’ – Facilitating Seamless Inspection Routines in Shipping

Solverminds had the privilege of being a participant at the ‘3rd Inspectors Feedback Meeting’ held in Singapore on the 19th of November, 2018. The event was conducted by the Ocean Network Express (ONE) company. The meeting was presided over by Capt. Takafumi Tomaru, Sr. VP Marine Safety & Quality at ONE; and coordinated by other dignitaries from the company, namely, Mr. Toru Nagai, Mr. Takao Majima and Mr. Minoru Tomita.

The delegation from Solverminds was helmed by our Director Capt. Ritesh Sood, supported by Capt. Shoumik Ganguli and Mr. Dilip Seshadri. The delegates deliberated about the inspections conducted on the ONE chartered ships by the nominated inspecting company (including Solverminds). Points of discussion included recent trends in shipping and feedback on the inspectors.