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January 29, 2021
Siruseri, Tamil Nadu, India

Liner shipping markets have undergone a period of extreme volatility during the last 12 months as world trade patterns and operations have been disrupted by the global pandemic.

As a result of the dramatic changes, container shipping lines more than ever need the ability to optimize and navigate the changes in their network, schedules, and operations by leveraging cutting-edge technology that integrates enterprise resource management solutions, consulting services, anddata analytics.

“Liner shipping companies are constantly facing the challenges of lower profit margins, operational inefficiencies while responding to market dynamics and providing better visibility, reliability and accurate shipment details to the customers globally,” said Mohit Oberoi,Founder and Director of Solverminds Solutions.

Nowadays, more than ever in order to meet these challenges, carriers consistently need to innovate and adopt new solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, cost reduction, process optimization, and improved visibility of business operations.

“With equipment shortages, blank sailings, port congestion, and extreme weather conditions impacting safety and schedule
integrity, it is essential that carriers have the ability to visualize, analyze, and take quicker decisions help mitigate risk, become pro-active, gain competitive advantage and boost the bottom line,” said Anthony Damian, Founder and Managing Director.

Solverminds’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Optimizer solutions offer advanced optimization algorithms and machine learning techniques to prescribe the best solutions for complex operational problems, aid quicker and informed decision making.

Using a combination of optimization and AI/Machine Learning in vessel scheduling and pricing, technology maximizes contribution and optimization. AI is deployed to identify patterns in increased costs for ship operations, port and handling costs, while optimization solutions increase lift on board the vessel, achieve safe and optimal Dangerous Goods segregation,
thereby improving reefer loading.

With 17 years of experience in offering innovative technology solutions for the maritime industry, Solverminds now has more than 12000 global ERP users across 90 countries, with 65000 users of its e-commerce (booking portal). Customers include global leading shipping companies and agencies.

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