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Optimized container stowage key to onboard safety and operational efficiency

July 01, 2021
Hamburg, Germany

As more large and very large container ships enter the major trade lanes of the world, the opportunity exists for liner operators to optimize vessel utilization, operational efficiency, and maximize voyage profitability.However, the risks inherent in inadequate stowage are exponentially increased in larger ships, as are safety concerns for crew and vessels. Recent incidents of collapsed container stacks on board large ships have shone the spotlight on safe stowage planning.

In order to create robust, safe, and efficient stowage planning that also enables quick turnaround times at terminals, carriers need to leverage a dynamic interactive solution that takes minutes rather than hours to complete the planning for a multi-port voyage.

“Traditional stowage planning takes too much time, is often strewn with errors and not designed to manage the multi-port long voyages of the mega container vessels,” said Vijay Minocha, Chief Commercial Officer at Solverminds Solutions.

“Demand now is for a system that offers the best optimization of vessel capacity, real-time visibility, and sharing of container data, stability and strength calculations, stress and lashing force conditions. The SVM SONATA (Stowage Optimizer N AnalyTics Assistant) provides an interactive planning interface that enables planners to simulate multiple plans,” he added.

At the heart of SONATA are algorithms that reduce multi-port planning down from 16 hours to 40 minutes and a single-port plan can be available within 15 minutes, delivering best-in-class productivity and information sharing, which ultimately results in faster turnaround of vessels and eventual cost reduction.

Among the key features is the automated segregation of Dangerous Goods in specific bays; the system is platform-independent using Linux, MAC OS, or Windows and can connect to third-party solutions through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). It also includes a function that reads BAPLIE, Movins, Excel, COPRAR, and user-specific formats.

About Solverminds

Established in 2003, Solverminds is a leading next-gen global technology company with a vision to empower businesses with innovations re-imagined. It’s exceptional domain expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions offer a complete range of best-in-class products for liner operations management, ship management, agency management, and advanced analytics.

While Solverminds technological focus is on delivering reliable, resilient, and robust solutions that embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Analytics, and Big Data, it’s strategic focus remains on quality & customer-centric approach, research & developments, and thought leadership.

Solverminds is a smart and sophisticated technology provider of a wide range of solutions & services that enfolds integrated and bespoke ERP, global consulting, cloud system, and advanced analytics. They help their customers ascend the ridges of the extremely competitive current world by automating their business processes while offering actionable insights, predictive outcomes, and optimized solutions to make informed decisions.

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