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Our Responsibilities

Solverminds’ CSR vision is to build environmental sustainability into all our daily activities. We envision a greener planet, clean air, clean drinking water, quality education and good health for all.

Our goal is to bring improvements not only in profits but also with society and the environment activities. We are helping to build a Greener planet. As a responsible representative of the environment, we protect our natural assets for the future. Solverminds sponsors saplings and plants for the interest of employees to maintain their own garden.

Solverminds completely functions with the consistent and reliable power of solar energy for all day to day operation by electricity generated from solar panels. Solverminds believes that its relationship with the society and community is very important. As the part of CSR continuation, sponsorship offers the possibility of achieving several goals at once. Sponsorship is the financial support of an activity, used primarily to help the needy.

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