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Claims Management System


THINGS HAPPEN; and when they do you want to know your right claim compensation is being understood and handled promptly and efficiently. The key to effective claims management system is an end to end transparent workflow through to the settlement.

SVM CMS (Claims Management System) is an integrated solution that supports various categories of claims. The system has the ability to identify the liable party for a claim, thereby supporting the claimant against the liable party or P&I club.

Our system streamlines the claims process workflow improving coordination through efficient information flows and reporting.

claims management system

Features Offering

Handles Cargo, Container, Hull and Machinery and other claims

KPI tracking & Management

On-the-fly data queries

Claim resolution tracking

High-level efficient and integration modules with existing system / 3rd party system

Electronic Claims, Customer, and forms/document management

Business Benefits

Everything-you-need, all-in-one solution

Lower cost of operation

Superlative user experience and improved customer satisfaction

Manage payment flows easily with detailed controls, which reduces time

Meets all reporting requirements

Real-time visibility on claim management
with our streamlined process