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Automate, regulate and
process vendor payments

Cost and Vendor Payment


Cost and vendor payment management in the container industry remains a key business challenge. In this economic climate, shipping lines have to remain competitive forcing their focus to further optimization and even more efficient cost management.

SVM CVP (Cost and vendor payment) is a solution for activity-based costing and managing contracts, so that, one can automate, regulate and processes vendor payments accurately and efficiently.  The Integrated system enables verification and optimization of vendor costs whilst minimizing the time required to carry out effective cost management.

cost and vendor payment

Features Offering

Pre Billing – Know your cost before the vendor invoice is raised

Tracking – Track container activities globally with user definable statuses

Data Exchange – High-performance integration engine to exchange data

Reduce Manual Task – Efficient digitalized process helps to reduce manual work

Cost Control – Analyze average cost per container whether the cost is climbing or reducing

Rebate Management –Manage rebates and inter-shipping company cost recovery

Disbursement –Seamlessly manage disbursements in multi-currencies

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Business Benefits

Efficient vendor contract management

Accurate and timely invoices

Improved Cash Flow Management

Accurate Financial information

Rebate reconciliation annually or quarterly

Improved Cashflow Management
in Vendor Contract