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Customer Relationship Management


Every business’s main objective is to get insights into their customer’s dealings. Gathering insights of customer interaction can greatly improve the business operation. Monitoring / tracking the status and gaining the right information at the right time are very essential to convert the leads into business.

SVM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is an integrated solution specially designed for the Shipping Industry. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an easy to use solution for your sales management which offers you a spot-on solution for every lead. Dashboards help sales team to monitor the pipeline leads and performance of sales, which drives the leads into business.

It gathers all the business communication in one place until it is either won or lost. Sales-people can manage their targets, log their daily activities, and follow-up for next actions.  Tracking of every customer’s profile, incident, leads, sales activity, and revenue can articulate, which customers are likely to have been lost or are not being sufficiently followed-up.

Customer relationship management

Features Offering

Effective Lead Management

Efficient Task and Sales activity Dashboards

Customer Relationship – Shipping services and Transactions

Optimize the Strategy- Learn, analyze and improve the performance

Quick retrieval of Leads information

Tracking and Monitoring of all Sales activity

Comprehensive Customer Datacenter

Business Benefits

Maintain Better relationship with the customer

The less Manual interaction which increases productivity

Increased revenue by the all-around view of the customer at all times

Drive better selling strategies

Predict your Opportunity

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