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Export and Import Documentation


  • Create header, body and footer of bills of lading using templates with different formats.
  • Automatic generation of BL clauses into the body of BL using business rule such as port pair, equipment type, commodity.
  • Automatic updates of the container, seal number and VGM weights into booking and bills of lading module.
  • Real time updates of the sur charges and freights based on parameters, such as:
    weight, volume, quantity, commodity, and special service
  • Ability to print the bills of lading in secured printers on customer defined BL stationery.
  • Ability to print the bills of lading on customer premises through e-commerce portal.
  • Perform BL activities such as merge BL, split BL, switch BL, hatchment BL, house BL, rework BL and part BL.
  • Maintain customer references and upload customer documents for future reference.
  • Export invoice and receipt data can automatically be interfaced with accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle financials, JD Edwards, Tally and other accounting applications.

flow of data

from the
booking modules into
bills of lading


  • Create discharge list reconciliation with the bills of lading (BL)
  • Create import documentation of the house bills of lading (BL)
  • Send rival notices automatically to the customers through e-mails and fax
  • Generate export and import invoices
  • Generate import invoices covering manifest revenue, non manifest revenue, detention demurrage, delivery order fee and special service request
  • Generate delivery order, customs manifests, container bond and security deposits
  • Detention demurrage, waiver request approvals and connected to the import invoices
  • Generation of receipt through automatic payment gateways, cheques, wire transfer, advanced payments, credit notes and automatic posting of the invoice and receipt data into the account modules
  • Invoice and receipt data can be automatically be interfaced with accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle financials, JD Edwards, Tally and other accounting applications

flow of data

from export
documentation into import
documentation connected
by container operation


  • Ready to print the bills of lading in the customer premises in secured manner
  • Automatic updates of the container numbers, seal and VGM into the bills of lading
  • Send draft BLs (PDF) and manifest to shippers, consignee and notify through pdf and emails
  • Maintain audit trail of all issued bills of lading through approved manifest and freight correctors
  • Shipping instruction in e-commerce module automatically updates the bill of lading data
  • Generate unique key for each issued bills of lading to prevent fraudulent duplication
  • Automatic update of container arrival notices to the customer through e-commerce, mobile app and e-mails
  • Container movements are automatically updated though various EDIs such as CODECO, COPRAR, COPAR and BAPLIE
  • Maintain standard detention demurrage matrix and in addition creates special rules for key account customers
  • Centralized credit customer data maintenance which ensures tracking of receivables from various customers
  • Automatic creation of import house BLs based on business rules
  • Prevention of delivery order generation for customers exceeding their credit term or credit amount