SVM Convert documents to electronic data – OCR

Even in this day and age, liner companies still receive large numbers of Cargo Booking details and Shipping Instruction documents from customers.  These vital shipping documents and details are received via emails containing PDF’s or scanned Image formats which hold critical data.

Liner Agencies then have to convert these documents manually and feed them into the EDI interfaces or other booking / documentation application interfaces that may be used. These processes are laborious and require resources to manually enter them in the ERP systems. Manual capture carries the added risk of introducing transcription typing errors which can create huge business problems depending on the error.

Automating the documentation process can not only eliminate / reduce transcription errors, but it substantially improves  productivity.  SVM OCR is a specific software solution which provides a complete workflow for shipment document management. The solution automates the processing of shipment document by extracting the required data, classifying, validating and exporting the document (data) to the ERP system.


What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables one to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images into editable and searchable data. It is widely used as a form of data entry from printed-paper data records, invoices, bank statements, computerized receipts, mail, printouts of static-data, or any suitable documentation.

Why OCR?

  1. OCR – Transforms your workflow in an easy manner
    • OCR is a data capture and document processing solution that allows us to automate and accurately convert shipment documents into business-ready data.
  2. Fast and easy retrieval of information
    • Convert images of typewritten or printed documents into searchable electronic documents quickly
    • Make your paper documents such as shipment documents, invoices and legal contracts searchable in a minutes


 OCR Process Flow

OCR Process Flow

SVM OCR Work Flow

SVM OCR Work Flow

SVM OCR has the ability to handle the complete workflow of the shipment document management system, by following the process of Extract, Classify, Validate, and Export.

So how does this process actually work?

  1. Extract
    • Customer sends the booking and shipping instruction details via email or email with attachment.
    • The Liner Agency user extracts the email or upload the email attachment (pdf and scanned,.csv, .xls,.doc, .docx, .html) of the specific email id which is being configured in OCR Reader.
    • System will process the file or email attachment through the OCR Process engine.
    • All the attachments, which has been extracted from email are placed in the share folder.
  2. Classify
    • Based on the input file i.e Image will be processed through the SVM OCR and text files will be processed through text converter.
  3. Validate
    • The extracted data is mapped with the OCR parameters, OCR Reader Handler acts as a gateway module where the OCR dispatches status updates such as Requested, Conversion Process, In progress, Completed and Error.
    • Completed error free OCR files are transferred and moved to the E-Commerce Gate Way
    • The E-Commerce Gate Way is used to correct and validate the details and acts as an interface to create actual Bookings and Bill of Lading using EDI / OCR
    • Based on the message sender, the OCR Booking / Shipping Instruction details are grouped. User can open the E-Commerce Corrector/Validator to validate all the details required.
  4. Export
    • After validating the input fields, the Liner Agency can then proceed with shipment documentation process through the ERP systems.



  • SVM OCR provides a better solution than manual data entry  capturing data from paper elimination transcription errors.

  • SVM OCR helps us to streamline (improve the management of) the shipment document management process.

  • SVM OCR improves the data accuracy and speed accessing of the data to the shipment process.

  • SVM OCR improves the speed of data conversion without adding more staff

  • SVM OCR saves time and effort by converting base documents into machine readable digital documents.

  • A smart and easy to way increase your productivity.



  • We can automatically process the different kinds of shipment documents through SVM OCR

  • SVM OCR solution can process PDF format files and convert them to XML, Excel, and HTML, text or RTF.

  • SVM OCR is a scalable solution for low to high volume processing of data

  • Provides for flexible integration with ERP, e-Commerce, CRM, Database, Electronic archive

  • SVM OCR also converts and has the ability to transform to various document formats like pdf, .csv, .xls,.doc, .docx, .html to standard EDI formats (EDIFACT/XML/ANSI compliance)