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Liner Annual Budget


Generate monthly or service/vessel voyage-based profit and loss reports

Ability to view the key performance indexes for main headers such as revenue handling cost, vessel-fixed cost, equipment cost and other miscellaneous costs

View real-time information of the vessel voyage

View real time information of revenue cost based on the index cost and freight information from the freight manifest

Standardize the cost and revenue component on a per TEU basis for comparison purposes

Compare the monthly results with the budgeted results and benchmark the performance


View the crafts and charts of various cost and revenue headers on a month by month basis

Vessel costs such as fuel are updated on FIFO basis with regular updates of ROB received daily and bunkers stems

Ability to filter various services, periods, vessel voyage and months

The system generates automatic utilization of the vessel

Revenue and cost data is connected on a real time basis to the freight manifest and index cost