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Managing Content and Knowledge


Meeting regulations and compliance are increasing pressure on marine professionals, on the ship as well as ashore. Going beyond compliance, improving day-to-day operations efficiency has become a challenge.

SVM MACK is a comprehensive Ship Management system(Ship Management Solution), which is compatible with multiple formats. It has a secure and access controlled repository and centralizes information available to all the business layers. The system helps to collaborate and achieve compliance with the international regulations and standards, track performance,
and improve operations efficiencies.

Our offerings:

  • Content Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Safety Management
  • Technical & Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Electronic Log Books
  • Competency Management
  • Learning Management
  • Dry Docking
  • Crewing Management
  • Procurement
  • Accounts/Finance

Fatigue Management and Alcohol Check

  • An Award winning, collaborative effort between Solverminds and SeaSolutions
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Analysis, Alerts and Real Time dashboards

Seasolutions Restmanager

SOLVERMINDS – MACK Competence and Learning Management System

SOLVERMINDS – MACK ERP for Ship Management – Center of Excellence Concepts being lived

Features Offering

Highly configurable, intuitive and easy to use

Improved audit and inspection, reporting and tracking

Secured and multi-layer authentication

Enhanced information access, collaboration and action tracking

Improved compliance issue management (ISM, TMSA, Class, PSC, flag state)

Resources of MACK

Product Brochure

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Business Benefits

Better Insights for Informed decision making

Higher Productivity

Preventing accidental data loss

Reduced safety related incidents and Managed Risks

Improved Safety, Quality & Compliance

Content Management -
Right Document at Right Time