SVM Marine Consultancy

Marine Consultancy Services include Special Company Performance Reviews as well as Management Systems review with the aid of Solverminds Marine Expertise as well as ANALYTICS TECHNOLOGY.

Company and Corporate Consultancy

  • Management Systems Development and Management (ISM, TMSA, OSHAS, ISO, OVID)
  • Behaviour Based Safety (BBS and Leadership Programs
  • Risk Management
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Campaigns
  • Incident Investigation
  • Shipboard Energy Efficiency Management Plans
  • Preparation of USA / USCG Inspection
  • Quality, Safety, Environmental Performance Analyzing

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Audits

  • Internal Audits (ISM, ISPS, ISO)
  • Navigation Safety Audits
  • Environmental / MARPOL Compliance or Voluntary Audits
  • Enhanced Shipboard Safety Inspections and Training Activities
  • Pre- Vetting Inspections
  • Pre Right-Ship and Pre-ENEL inspection and Consultancy

Data Analytics Solutions

  • Revenue maximization opportunities
    • Improving vetting performance
    • Optimizing resources allocation
    • Optimizing capacity utilization
  • Cost Reduction opportunities
    • Operations cost optimization – consumables, lubes, maintenance, insurance, miscellaneous
    • Port cost reduction
    • Storage cost reduction
    • Risk management
  • Monitoring & Management
    • Vessel Balanced Scorecard
    • Crew Management – Rest/Allocation/Size
    • Performance Bench marking

Marine Operation Services

  • Port Captaincy
  • Project Cargo Loading / Discharging
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection, On-Off Hire Surveys

Security Risk Management and Consultancy

  • Security Risk Management
  • Cyber Security