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Paddle away from laborious documenting process

Optical Character Recognition


The reusability of the content from the various sources such as; scanned documents, Image, spreadsheets, PDF, etc. and converting into electronic format are a great business challenge.  Manual capture carries the added risk of transcription typing errors, which can create huge business problems. SVM OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software automatically extracts the relevant information from all source data using an Extract, Classify, Validate and Export process. It provides a complete workflow solution for managing every business documents, substantially reducing the risk of errors and massively improving efficiency.

Features Offering

Processing and converting multiple file formats

Scalable solution from low to high volume processing of data

Flexible integration with ERP, e-Commerce, CRM, Database, Electronic archive systems

Converts various document formats to standard EDI formats (EDIFACT/XML/ANSI compliance)

Business Benefits

Automates and collates the data collecting process for shipping documents

Helps to streamline and improve document process

Improves the data accuracy and efficiency

Saves time and effort by converting to machine-readable digital documents

OCR automates accurate conversion of various
documents into business ready data