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Planned Maintenance System


Early Planned Maintenance System(PMS) was paper-based and later improved with the advent of Automation & Computerization. The Quest for the “Perfect Solution” has never been less even after all the Technological Growth. SVM PMS(Planned Maintenance System)is a functionality rich solution armed with Data Learning, Analysis & Prediction, Trending & Forecasting and helps in simplifying your existing processes and saving overall costs. SVM PMS(Planned Maintenance System) ensures the ship is well maintained with up-to-date information and continues its operation by complying with Maritime Industry Standards & Best Practices.

Features Offering

Integration of KPI & PI to enhance Data Interpretation and Presentation

Real-time summary of maintenance activity

Organizational Authentication / Authorization / Tenancy

Seamless integration to SVM Logistics & Inventory Control

Predicts and suggests proactive measures

Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

Resources of ERP

Corporate Brochure

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Business Benefits

Effectively plan and execute maintenance strategy

Improved plan increases productivity

Reduced Ad-hoc Costs

Manage day-to-day jobs which reduces redundancy

Speed accessing of Data

Make Informed decisions by monitoring maintenance activities

Make your shipping process much easier
with our advanced technology