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Rate Request

Sea freight quotation between agency and liner could not be easy. It is highly demandable and takes many iterations to get an approval. Shipping industry needs a seamless integrated solution to process the quotations before a booking is made. SVM RR (Rate Request) is a modular system that helps the pricing team to get a quotation for both standard and conditional surcharges based on business demand. The Modular system that facilitates Approved quotation seamlessly merges with an efficient booking system. It is a scalable and adaptable to any organization no matter what the size. An intelligent built-in mechanism ensures that rate trends are in line with market trends and ensures rate integrity, driving global pricing policies capable of tracking market trends.

Solverminds quotation

Features Offering

Flexible RR/SRR for all types of container

Set the customer type which links to appropriate documentation

Surcharges & costs based on the routing and services

Auto approvals are triggered based on the business rule

Features to VATOS surcharges, All-In surcharges supports multi currencies

The overweight charge can be defined by the weight slab

Business Benefits

Improves data consistency and reduces rate errors

The complete life cycle of the pricing process

Fast and accurate quotation generation

Efficient decision making by using the contribution tool

Complete transparency of rate negotiation with agents

Handling multiple rate requests in a single window
by our simplified business process