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Remote Navigational Audit

Navigational Incidents pose a serious risk to any ship owner/manager and can result in extensive losses.

The Solverminds team understands the challenges associated with managing this risk and offers customized services in Remote Navigational Audits and Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Data Review for mitigating this risk and enhancing navigational safety standards.

Through this service we provide our esteemed customers a means to assess the performance of the bridge team, promulgate a proactive culture of navigational safety within their respective companies and seamlessly integrate the good industry practice of conducting unannounced remote audits as per Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA-3).

Business Benefits

Enables owners/managers to verify that Bridge Teams are complying with the safe navigational procedures and practices as per the regulations, industry standards and Company requirements.

Supports in assessment of activities on vessel where physical attendance is impractical due to travel restrictions or trading pattern.

Facilitates the conduct of unannounced remote audit by an independent contractor as recommended in 5.4.1 of TMSA – 3.

Bridge Team performance can be evaluated without presence of an auditor

The owners/managers gain flexibility of choice in selecting the vessel/event/date/time as desired or required for evaluation.

Ensures that VDR data is used regularly thereby improving crew familiarity and assuring proper functioning of the equipment.

Resource of Remote Navigational Audit

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We provide the owners/managers access to a secured and protected cloud storage platform for sharing the relevant VDR data and supporting voyage records, as requested for the activity selected, from the nominated vessel.

Our nominated auditor (experienced Master Mariner and qualified navigational auditor) conducts a comprehensive review of all the data and records as per the scope requested by the owners/managers.

The review is structured to verify the implementation level of safe navigational procedures and involves a dynamic assessment of the recorded navigational practices combined with a static assessment of the records received.

On completion of the review a report is detailed by the auditor for highlighting the findings and recommendations as per the existing industry best practices for enhancing navigational safety.

The Solverminds team comprises of Master Mariners with extensive experience in managing marine operations, imparting maritime training and conducting marine management system audits including but not limited to Navigational Audits, Marine Safety & Security Systems Audits, Voyage Data Recorder Reviews as well as Marine Incident Investigation Management.

The team is headed by an experienced Master Mariner with extensive auditing experience and certified by the Nautical Institute as a Navigation Assessor.

We have been consistently delivering our services in Navigational Audits and Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Data Review to some of the world renowned ship owners and managers.

Solverminds offers customized services in
Remote Navigational Audits for preventing
navigational incidents & enhancing
navigational safety