SVM BMS Bunker Management System


About BMS

Bunker Management System (BMS) is an efficient and intelligent system that assists in optimizing the bunker procurement plan for the vessel with various constraints, such as bunkering ports selection, bunkering amounts determination, and ship speeds adjustment and weight are inbuilt to have an effective plan in place. Today, high prices, market volatility, and continually evolving environmental regulations have made it more important than ever to optimize fleet-wide bunker performance and procurement strategies.

Bunker fuel costs could account 50% of a ship’s total operating cost in times of high fuel prices. The timing and right decision-making leads the voyage profitability. With increasing oil prices and conservation efforts, careful fuel management and increased engine efficiency have become vital for environmental and financial reasons.



SVM BMS software has smart optimizer engine integrated with client’s application to have a seamless flow of information. Optimized plans can be generated at regular intervals, as desired to have the most updated plan ready for varying scenarios. With SVM BMS software, different fuels can be measured without the need for readjustment. In conjunction with other vessel data (speed, wind, waves etc.), it is possible to determine the optimum operating state for your vessel and thereby maximize efficiency. A web based quotation evaluation system is also proposed to automate the quotation process.

Solverminds BMS Introduction

BMS acts as a safeguard against manipulation of bunkered marine fuel oil as well as counteracting it. By using equipment and methods that deliver high accuracy inline and real-time measurement during bunker operations, any attempt by the bunker service to gain an economic advantage is detected. This ensures you have the upper hand in any possible disputes.


BMS Features
  • Entire bunker plan can be viewed in dashboard
  • Quick tracking of bunker activities and update
  • High accuracy inline and real-time measurements
  • BMS can be configured in cloud based / SAAS mode which help to reduce huge cost on hardware setup
  • Effectively generates Noon and VPR (Vessel Performance Report) reports
  • System updates the quantity of different oil types for the latest departure port based on the VPR & Noon report
  • Contract management and historical tracking for reliable delivery
  • Extensive management and operation delivery analysis
  • Maintain bunkering dashboard to proactively identify and apply corrective measures
  • Finalize fuel requirement using the market price analyzing tool
  • Structural way of process is followed to get the quotation on the correct time
  • Validate vessel port report and noon report in service gate module
  • Display the Arrival and Departure fuel ROB in Bunkering dashboard for easy bunkering reference
  • Provides graphical format of the estimated quantity of oil for the next port detail
  • Creates bunker requisition with minimum required quantity of oil type to reach next bunkering port
  • System calculates fuel cost by analyzing fuel price of adjacent bunkering port.


Key Benefits

BMS Benefits