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Quick and accurate bunker plans

Bunker Management System


Bunker fuel cost can be typically 50% of total voyage expenses and requires an efficient bunker management system. Monitoring of oil prices, careful fuel management, and continually evolving environmental regulations have become critical for environmental and financial reasons.

SVM BMS (Bunker Management System) is an intelligent system that assists you in optimizing the Bunker procurement plan with various business constraints. The Smart optimizer engine helps in the seamless flow of information and Optimized plans can be generated at regular intervals for varying scenarios. It is possible to determine the optimum operating state for your vessel and thereby maximize efficiency.

bunker management system

Features Offering

End-to-End bunker planning and real-time status monitoring

Easy to read, focused and intuitive dashboards

Live bunker prices across vendors / across ports

Bunker KPI tracking and monitoring

Contract management and historical tracking for reliable delivery

Easy incorporation of business rules for use of fuels / engine types

Resources of BMS

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Business Benefits

Real-time and accurate data reduce time of operation

Strategic decision support for efficient decision-making

Eliminates human errors and manipulation of information

Long-term Bunker budget planning

Energy management for monitoring fuel consumption

Smarter Bunker plan helps you in
Effective Decision Making