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Analyzed Data to make Business Informed decisions

Business Intelligence Solution


Huge data transmission and analytics are the heart of the digital era. Transforming the scattered data into business insights is the biggest challenges in the analytical revolution.

SVM BIS – Business Intelligence Solution is a forecast analysis and reporting tool that helps drive better business performance and presenting structured or unstructured data in visualized dashboards. It supports interactive charts and graphs reflecting real actual costs defined by the business. Deeper knowledge of your own business provides a more detailed understanding of the situation leading to better-informed decision making.

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Features Offering

Compares and analyses vast stores of operation and transaction data

Provides organizing information into the understandable, consumable and actionable feedback

Interacting with dashboards and analytics for current business changes and simulations

Combines and collates different sources of data and presents users with business actionable reports

Quicker solution to business questions making more responsive to threats and opportunities

Capable of interactive analytics with segmented business data

Reduces manual utilization and provides timely, meaningful information and trend reports

Features to share the business-critical information via email

Features to track the data and manage survey accordingly

Business Benefits

Better and fast business decisions

Reduced information bottlenecks

Make data actionable

Align the organization towards business objectives

User dashboards detect market changes

Would like to turn your Data
into operational insights