SVM CVP Cost and Vendor payment system

Container shipping lines are increasingly under pressure to cut and manage cost efficiently. Earlier focus of shipping lines was on revenue and yield management based on average cost per activity. However now, with stiff competition between various shipping lines, revenue is always under pressure and thus optimization and efficient cost management are paramount.

SVM CVP© (Cost and Vendor payment system) is a unique process which automates, regulates and processes vendor payments based on activity based cost contracts, pre billing automation based on activity cycle of laden and empty shipment.

Various vendor cost types catered are as below:

System allows verifying and optimizing the vendor cost and minimizing the time required to carry out effective cost management. With various user levels and management reports – printable and exportable formats – system allows detailed analysis of cost, vendor performance and multiple other parameters.

High performance integration engine is used to exchange data with other systems such as financial systems using industry standard interfaces or other user defined format.

Vendor rebates accrued such as – container volume, financial, early bird, on-spot rebates etc. – can be effectively monitored and digitalized for efficient management.



  • Efficiently manage Vendor Contract
  • Effectively manage the Equipment globally
  • Improves Cash Flow Management
  • Maintain accurate Financial information
  • Generate Rebate reconciliation annually or quarterly



  • Streamlined payment process.
  • Flexible and appropriate to handle complex contract terms of vendor.
  • Streamlined pre-billing processed for all the activities.
  • Ensures users to generate accurate and timely invoices.
  • Reduces time and human effort by loading and validating EDI Invoices automatically.
  • Effortlessly configure Taxation such as TDS, GST and VAT and auto calculate these numbers to facilitate statutory reports of the same.
  • Global visibility to track container activities with user definable statuses and rules for data validation.
  • Improves cash flow management by recording the payment quickly and producing the invoices prior to releasing the transport document
  • Allow users to maintain dispute if the invoices are incorrect.
  • Seamlessly manage the payment disbursement requirements in multi-currencies.
  • Automate data entry into Line’s books of accounting and gain in depth financial analytics.
  • Users can create rebates on each contract and then generate rebate reconciliation annually or quarterly as the case may be.
  • Define business rules from time to time to meet changing business environments while maintaining control over risk compliance.
  • Automate and seamlessly integrate system that helps you to pick and choose the modules to roll out and plug-in additional tools as your business grows giving greater flexibility and manageability.


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