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Ebiz – Customer Self Service Portal

SVM Ebiz

Self-service is an important requirement in meeting clients’ needs, when they reach out to do business. The business challenge is that the self-service business portal needs to be user-friendly, available at all times and allow customers to find and consume information at their own pace.

SVM eBiz is a customer self-service shipment and supply chain portal. It provides a collaborative platform for shippers, consignees, and container shipping lines to carry out the whole shipment process online. The key focus is on improving the services offered to customers enabling them to manage their shipments in an easy and efficient manner online 24/7.

customer portal

Features Offering

Accuracy to schedule details round-the-clock

Enables customer service representatives to specialize

Submit booking requests and receive confirmations in online

Security and auditing when printing original bills of lading

Container/Booking/BL Number tracking provision on single-click

Initiate and track claims online

Provides customer statement for payment and transaction history

Provides tariff and surcharges

Resources of Ebiz

Product Brochure

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Business Benefits

24/7 enquiry of shipment status

Reduced time and improved productivity

Saves time by easy tracking of shipment

Fast shipment tracking through mobile devices

Online shipment document creation minimizes typo errors

Cost-effective by significantly reducing paper consumption and personnel expenses

Self Servicing Portal gives you
unprecedented visibility