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EDI Services


Numerous resources are required to manually process the high-volume business document exchange. For business parties, errors caused by re-keying or mismatch information lead to business failure that is time-consuming and expensive to resolve. SVM EDI (EDI Services) is to communicate seamlessly and electronically with all parties in the supply chain process. It will simplify your business interactions with this level of automation accuracy and enhanced speed while eliminating the human error. This allows operational and accounting staff more time to focus on better customer service delivery.

Features Offering

Supports all common EDI standard formats and multiple transmission modes

Easy data mapping and fast delivery of EDI files

Automatic retry on fail over for EDI messages

Images can be uploaded manually or through FTP, email, HTTPs, and SFTP etc.

Ability to create rules for inserting missing information provided by the customer

Removes the need to re-key data – thus greatly reducing human error

Resources of EDI

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Business Benefits

Productivity – Better logistics management and reduced human dependency

Increased Speed – Large volumes of data can be communicated in a matter of minutes

Response – Enables faster response and greater customer satisfaction

Improved Accuracy – Instantly notifies the errors and duplicate messages / files

Cost Efficiency – Significantly reducing the volume of paper and personnel costs

Tracking – Effectively track of complete EDI status

Leading the business with Improved
data quality and secured EDI Services