SVM EDI Services

Everyday Millions of data exchanged between different business organizations systems. Information is exchanged between systems using various technologies with primary purpose of helping organizations to reduce mundane manual task of entering large volume of data.  EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology reduces the number of manual work steps. The prepared data are presented to the user only after an application system has integrated the information sent by EDI.

EDI technology has been adopted by maritime industry for trade data in relation to the movement of goods by maritime transport parties to exchange such as exporters, importers, shipping agent, shipping lines, port and terminal operators, customs and transport intermediaries. EDI is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means.

SOLVERMINDS (SVM) ,have been implementing and delivering EDI solutions to shipping lines and agencies globally allowing these organizations to exchange data between their businesses in particular with their business partners such as customs, port authority, terminal, depots, shippers and other third parties. The EDI solution encompasses various UN EDIFACT and ANSI x12 messages. These messages have been successfully implemented and are currently in used by shipping lines to exchange data with customs and terminal in various countries globally.

In addition SOLVERMINDS has been implemented  the  EDIFACT message for VERMAS (Verified Mass) in SVM EDI solutions for liner industry to exchanging verified container weight (VGM) information electronically; including verified weight authorized certificates issued by the authorized party on behalf of shippers to meet the SOLAS requirements.

Also SOLVERMINDS has been helping shipping lines in fulfilling EU Regulation 1875/2006 – Entry Summary Declaration (ENS). The European 24 Hour Advanced Manifest Rules – Security Initiative solution has been implemented.


  • Privilege to convert the data to various standard EDI formats
  • Supports all EDI transaction standards (ANSI X12, UN EDIFACT, etc.)
  • Direct and easy communication of structured business information, on agreed standards, between parties
  • Automatic file generation of various events
  • Multiple auto transmission modes available to send / receive the EDI files (such as FTP, email, HTTPs, and SFTP etc.)
  • Images can be uploaded manually or through FTP, email, HTTPs, and SFTP etc.
  • EDI files can be sent to multiple times / multiple parties
  • Acknowledgement can be sent to the trading partner based on the request
  • EDI Files can be manually upload / download
  • Status of complete EDI process life cycle can be tracked
  • Fast delivery of large volume of EDI files
  • Multilevel validations and warning / error notifications to the users / partners
  • Automatic retry on fail over for EDI messages



  • EDI can be sent in many formats bi-directionally
  • Supports multiple transmission modes such as: FTP, email, HTTPs, and SFTP
  • Automatic EDI generation / transmission for specific business event
  • Effectively track EDI statuses and download if required
  • Viewing of EDI acknowledgement status
  • Increased speed – Large volumes of data can be communicated in a matter of minutes
  • Enabling faster response and greater customer satisfaction
  • Improved accuracy: Instantly notifies the errors and duplicate messages / files
  • Cost efficiency – Significantly reducing the volume of paper to be handled and personnel costs
  • Better logistics management and increased productivity



  • Over 500+ EDI solutions integrated and delivered
  • Our EDI solutions have registered over 3 billion transactions across customs, warehouses, port authority, terminal, depots, shippers, and other third parties in the past 10 years
  • Our EDI solutions have been deployed across 80+ countries