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Equipment Management System


Container inventory and Management (Equipment Management System) is a vital aspect of running a successful Container logistics operation facilitating best-in-class container utilization and lowest cost operations. 

SVM EMS – Equipment Management System is not only just a tracking system; it is a full function solution that addresses all container inventory management, movements, and maintenance. The System using the state of the art tools to access the real-time information and excels in the container per-diem billing and supports both SOLAS and VERMAS (Verified Mass) requirements of the Liner industry.

equipment management system

Features Offering

Traceability of all containers with global visibility

Continuous exception monitoring of assets for full accountability

Trend analysis of equipment damages, multiple vendors, locations & repair costs

Automated repair notification system and 3D view of container damages

Complete management and operational reporting

Ability to maintain lease agreements and all categories of leaser billing

Automated container per diem billing

Resources of EMS

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Business Benefits

Efficient management of the entire container life cycle

Accurate & real-time information

Easy identification of surplus/deficit empty container locations

Control business failure factors such as; movement sequence skip, containers overdue and imbalances etc.

Time reduction in physical transactions of containers

Quick and accurate Maintenance & Repair Service

Manage your entire Container Life Cycle
with Real time Tracking