SVM EMS Equipment Management System

Almost 90% of world trade is accomplished through the use of sea freight containers using a myriad of different methods to transport the containers. Globally over 16 million sea freight containers are in transit throughout logistics supply chains on any one day regardless of time or weather conditions.

These containers can be found at sea, on rail, over the road, or waiting on stuffing, pick‐up, delivery and stripping.


Container Search, Tracking & Maintenance

The complexity of managing containers is such that it is fairly common for a container to go missing within the liner company’s management system. From a liner company’s economics perspective, misplaced containers result in:

  • Financial and operational risks.
  • The resultant delay in delivery of these containers leads to increased transaction costs.
  • Potential sales opportunities are missed as containers cannot be released to form part of a following new shipment.

SVM understands the complexity and challenges facing Container Shipping Lines in managing their container fleet and has developed a powerful and effective solution that provides liner company’s with vital information and management tools to efficiently manage their container fleet and optimize costs.

SVM EMS for container inventory management incorporates an accurate tracking system providing real time information of container movements, schedules and maintenance. In fact, it supports the whole equipment management life cycle through one integrated system.

 SVM EMS Life Cycle

Container Registration

Containers are registered with the logistics business. The technical information is captured and contained in the unique container “passport”. Container passport information is then used throughout the container life cycle process. It allows the benefits of an integrated system to be realized, which is key to having the right information at your fingertips at the right time.

Inventory Management

The inventory management module of SVM EMS provides powerful management of the liner company’s container stock levels at depots, stock yards and imbalance status.

With SVM’s integrated EMS Inventory Management, liner companies have the required vital information available and visible, to manage container stock, thereby reducing costs, improving equipment utilization and assisting in keeping inventory at the right levels.


Leasing & Billing Management

SVM’s integrated EMS Leasing & Billing Management module provides the liner company with the capability to manage Lease and Sub-Lease contracts based on Master Lease Agreements (MLA) and Sub Lease Agreements. This solution will automatically generate accurate billing information throughout the contract period, including calculating free days and performing subsequent billing adjustments.

To facilitate better decision making in the container management process, the system has the capability to do automatic lease billing, comparison of contract rate and internal billing statistics, all of which are part of the fully integrated solution.


Container activity

Equipment Activities

SVM’s integrated EMS Equipment Activities Module provides real time, end-to-end visibility of container movement across various locations. Movement is traced by configuring unique business rules. Container movement status is updated by an inbuilt Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feed or via online input from a depot and its coordinating container operations functions. Verified Gross Mass information (VGM) capture is fully catered for to meet the SOLAS requirements.

Track and Trace Management

SVM’s integrated EMS Track and Trace Module provides liner companies with accurate information to track containers instantly and monitor the service via easy to use tracking tools. Advanced search capabilities allow containers to be located by various categories by the simple click of a mouse.

The Single platform container management system has been made simple, saving the liner company time and money by enabling effective management of key aspects such as utilization, turnaround time, stock status and imbalances at each location / depot / terminal.


Track and Trace your container

Container Maintenance & Check

SVM’s integrated EMS Maintenance and Inspection module provides on-line information relating to container maintenance, fault conditions, damage assessments and urgent maintenance requirements. Information regarding the cost of maintenance and repair is also catered for allowing for quicker decisions.

Empty Container & Imbalance Status

Effective management of the container fleet means that just as much focus should be on each container once it is returned to empty status. SVM’s integrated EMS allows the liner company to effectively address imbalance demands by the depots or empty container yards providing real time empty container stock status information.

Data management – EDI Integration

SVM’s integrated EMS has built-in EDI support to access current operational data in real time continuously. File formats such as CODECO (for container gate-in/gate out activity), COARRI (for Load and Discharge messages) and Excel are supported. SVM’s solution also accepts files from E-mail, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS formats. The EDI capability also caters for the ability to auto-process any EDI transmission backlogs.

Business Values

EMS-Business value

Reports Management

Solverminds integrated EMS has built-in reporting capability with standard reporting exportable to Microsoft Excel (CSV) formats. A summary of available reports are listed below.

Stock Reports

  • Container stock summary report by various types
  • Stock summary report by booking impact
  • Empty stock report
  • ON / OFF hire stock summary report
  • Container history report
  • Container load and discharge report

Contract Reports

  • Owned / leased stock report
  • Contract type wise inventory report
  • Containers to be off hired report

Efficiency Reports

  • Container efficiency report
  • Turnaround time report
  • Overdue unit report
  • Activity reporting delay report

Decision Making Reports

  • Export and import by size and type report
  • Imbalance report by size and type
  • Container report by current and history