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Smart addressing of
container imbalances

Equipment Reposition Optimization


Moving empty containers around is costly. Equipment Reposition Optimization saves your money. The business challenge to achieving cost savings lies in the ability to handle the complexities surrounding the equipment types, subjective forecasts and access to the right information at the right time.

SVM ERO identifies equipment imbalances globally and plans equipment re-positioning with minimal cost and transit times. Re-positioning plan takes place the various costs into the consideration including; loading, transshipment, haulage, feeder, container detention, and discharge costs to achieve the optimal plan. SVM ERO ensures the bottom line stays in the green and customer satisfaction improves dramatically.

equipment reposition optimization

Features Offering

A geographical view of imbalance status for each location

Easy access to On-hire / Off-hire stock availability status

User-defined and configurable reposition rules

Dynamic auto route creation and possible route suggestion

Simulating possible allocation of containers from surplus to deficit locations

Forecast supply and demand using historical data

Resources of ERO

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Business Benefits

Least cost and transit time of repositioning

Real-time monitoring of equipment imbalances across various locations

Auto distance calculation for the deficit and surplus locations

Graphical view to enhance comprehension

Dynamic auto route creation and possible route suggestion improves decision making

Enhance your empty container utilization,
which reduces your valuable time and cost