SVM ERO Equipment Repositioning Optimizer

EROLiner shipping industries need large numbers of empty container each day globally in all locations in order to satisfy their transport demand. The major component of liner shipping company is cost of repositioning the empty containers. Container movement from a surplus to deficit location takes more cost involvement in the liner business. Also it increases the equipment demand, if the required type of container is not available on time. Effective monitoring of container utilization and turn times enable liner to make better decision. Improper monitoring of empty container in this regard decreases utilization, which has a massive impact on a shipping bottom line.

SVM ERO : System identifies the equipment imbalance globally and creates a re-positioning plan with Minimal Cost and Transit Time. Based on the real-time import and export counts, the imbalance conditions are calculated. Also it provides chart representation and location geographical view to know the real time imbalance globally. To re-position the containers the application incurs costs such as Loading, transshipment, haulage, Feeder, container detention, and discharge cost. SVM ERO has been developed with all this in mind and can be invaluable to insuring the bottom line stays in the green and customer satisfaction improves dramatically.


Routing Scenario



ERO Features



ERO Benefits
    • Equipment re-position with Least Cost and Transit Time
    • Real-time calculation of equipment imbalances across various locations
    • Comparing previous data for forecasting demand and supply
    • Capacity constraints based on the service vessel
    • Geographical Representation of surplus and deficit for global re-position planning
    • Simulating possible allocation of containers