SVM LCL / Break Bulk

In the current liner shipping economic grip and continually increasing competition, Less than Container Load and break bulk (hereinafter LCL / BB) service providers must explore the efficiency gains and cost savings wherever applicable. By using efficient LCL / BB solution, which provides much needed advantages, user can improve the business growth. LCL/BB module seamlessly integrates with the information, which is added as input, thus will reduce the duplication and manual errors. Data is then shared with relevant business partners via EDI etc. This significantly reduces the administrative cost and increases efficiency across the business.

Solverminds LCL / BB system integrates all the activities, from sales to customer service, documentation and invoicing. LCL/BB is an intelligent solution, which will streamline these processes and provide higher levels of accuracy. It brings much-needed visibility and transparency to a range of daily operations. Information on volumes taken from the customer at the time of booking are automatically attached with the data to provide analysis of management reports and profitability assessments for each consignment.

In an era of struggling liner shipping markets and increasing competition, SVM LCL/BB system reduces many challenges of liner industry on daily activity.


  • On console planning, auto creation of master booking helps to reduce the manual work and provide timely Shipping Instructions to carrier.
  • Auto updates the commodity details with package code in booking, when user change the same in BL screen to avoid multiple manual work and improves productivity.
  • User can import the shipping instruction data easily from multiple sources.
  • A separate interface to manage the container stuffing and reduce the possibility of long standing cargo (Be it local booking or Transshipment loading).
  • Greater visibility of stuffing cargoes and tracking status
  • Selection of different operation POD (HUB ports) for the selected service / vessel / voyage / bound allows the user to nominate for final destination (or HUB port)
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) and Break Bulk(BB) booking with Optimize Transit Times and Minimize Costs.
  • Clear visibility of planned, unplanned, stuffed, transshipment and mismatching cargoes to avoid operation complication and manual errors.
  • Clear visibility of stuffing details with container size type and number, capacity, payload, seal no, stuffing volume, and stuffing weight with operation POL and POD helps the user to make LCL plan efficiently.
  • Checking the manifest closure status of LCL BL in transshipment location intimates the user on any cargo missed in transit.
  • Auto updates the commodity details with package code in booking, when user change the same in BL screen to avoid multiple manual work and improves productivity.



  • Computation of Tariff and Surcharge feature based on the Revenue Ton basis i.e. Volume or Weight whichever yields more revenue.
  • Easy tracking of LCL shipment and status based on operational updates (if standalone system).
  • Easy tracking of LCL shipment and status with the help of EMS/Operation interlinked modules (if Integrated system).
  • Adjusting LCL tariff and surcharges is made easy to meet global market condition.
  • Allows generating export / importing documentation.
  • LCL/BB valid global surcharge can be defined basis Port pair, Country, Trade area, Type, Rate unit, Commodity on Amount basis or Formula basis.
  • LCL / BB tariff can be defined basis revenue ton, package, weight and weight ratio on Amount basis or Formula basis.
  • Exception to manage global customer through rate agreements.
  • Allows the user to print BL / Manifest cargo in TS location / Hub location.