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LCL and Break-Bulk


Today’s liner business does not only include full container loads and must cater for smaller loads, non-containerized cargo or cargo that does not comply with a container’s dimensions. The business challenge is to accept all the cargo either less container load or break-bulk, which is provided by the market. SVM LCL/BB solution is designed for LCL and break bulk cargo booking by integrating the important activities from sales to customer service, documentation and invoicing. As an intelligent solution, LCL and break bulk streamlines the data input with high accuracy thus improving efficiency and productivity.

lcl and break bulk

Features Offering

Optimized transit times and minimized cost

Visibility of unplanned / stuffed cargoes and tracking status

Manifest closure status verifies any cargo missed in the transit

Auto updates the commodity details in the BL to avoid data duplication

Computation of Tariff and Surcharge feature – Volume or Weight whichever yields greater revenue

Adjusting LCL tariff and surcharges are made easy to meet the global market condition

Business Benefits

Simplified LCL/BB operation which reduces planning time

Outstanding schedule reliability

Improved productivity by auto-updating commodity details into BL

Easy tracking of LCL shipment operation

Auto tariff adjustment helps to take decision making

An opportunity to improve efficiency of
container stowage operations