SVM Rate Request

SVM Rate Request (RR) / Special Rate Request (SRR) solutions are intended to make liner business more efficient on Quotation process. It is a powerful system, where user can do multiple rate requests in single window with contribution, and save them for future reference. SVM RR / SRR solutions are modular and fully adaptable to suit any size of organization. Traditionally Rate request are done through paper process and managing those paper records for multiple customer is tedious and complex process in liner business. The main objective of bringing rate request system is to eliminate the manual work of filing rates, and ensuring quoted rates are what are used in customer agreements and invoices. This ensures that the integrity of rates is maintained from quotation till invoicing.

SVM Rate Request module is designed to effectively manage a global rate network which enforces a standardized global pricing policy. It is implemented with a global rate request process, when making time-critical business decisions using contribution tool. It has intelligent mechanism built-in to ensure that rate trends are in line with the market trends and warns user when the rates deviate beyond normal. The system can also approve the rates automatically based on various user defined business rules.


  • Flexible to create request for different type of containers like Normal, Special and Reefer.
  • Option to set the customer type as Shipper / Notify / Consignee / Forwarder which has link with documentation.
  • Each request is linked with commodity, service, and route and validity period.
  • Routing details are fetched from the scheduling system based on the Origin and Delivery location.
  • System has the ability to fetch the applicable surcharges & cost based on the routing.
  • While creating RR there is a provision to flag the competitor details and their rates which helps Pricing Team to take decision.
  • Agency user can update any additional request from the customer in value added service.
  • A Special Request from customer, for additional Detention and Storage days can be defined against each request.
  • Set & modify Ocean Freight Rate and surcharges as requested by customer.
  • Users can create VATOS surcharges, and also can quote All-In surcharges with selected variables.
  • Overweight charge can be defined by Weight Slab in RR.
  • System has feature to create separate request for Shipper Owned Containers and Carrier Owned Containers.
  • Auto approvals are triggered based on business rule as defined by users.
  • If the request not falling under Business rule then it will be processed manually by Pricing Team.
  • The system has the ability to create RR for Hazardous Cargo and Out of Gauge cargo, with provision to define the dimension details.
  • The dimension details can assist users (commercial and operations) to understand the slot loss in the vessel and also apply the index slot loss based on the input parameter.
  • System supports multi currencies in generating Quotation.
  • Quotation can be generated from the system against each request and can be printed / e-mailed to the customer.



  • Improve data consistency and reduce rate errors.
  • Online contribution view based on the user privilege.
  • Complete life cycle of pricing process.
  • Single request with multiple rates.
  • Fast and accurate in generating quotation.
  • Speed up decision making using contribution tool.
  • Best negotiation of rates with agency and view the history of negotiation in one place.
  • Easy access of data which reduces manual task.
  • Rates which are opened can be pre-closed or validity can be extended based on the business need. It has privilege based feature to recall the approved quotation.