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A Comprehensive Solution
for Dynamic Routing

Route Network Optimization


Shipping a cargo from one location to another may require multiple direct or indirect services. Creating a network of routes with multiple transshipment options is further complicated by varying freight rates that exist between ports. The business challenge is the ability to quickly create such routes that achieve the lowest cost with minimum transit times.

SVM RNO (Route Network Optimization) is an optimizing tool that addresses the above challenges. It is scalable, fast and accurate in maintaining a profitable route catalog. In-built algorithms support simulations to allow one to study the impact of possible route changes, establishing the commercial feasibility of new services/routes.

route network

Features Offering

Integrate with scheduler system to generate dynamic routes

Supports simulating various cargo/port mix with varying route options

Generates routes based on the business rules

Substantial savings on resources to maintain route catalog

Maintains Route accuracy at all times

Fast Route network analyzer

Supports optimal utilization of fleet capacity

Resources of RNO

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Business Benefits

Increased booking opportunities by easy route catalog update

Quicker route network analysis

Efficiency in decision making allowing for increased profitability

Reduced operations cost, fuel cost and transportation time

Substantial manpower savings on creating and maintaining service routes

Accuracy of available Service Routes
at all times