SVM SmartMobile Solutions

SmartMobile offers a real time data solution for overall shipment activities for Container Shipping Lines. Shipment status, container position, upcoming vessels arrival and departure dates and times are the vital information for shippers and consignee in the supply chain industry.

More than 30% of  phone calls received by Container Shipping Lines pertain to the status of the container with respect to position, date and when the container will be delivered. SmartMobile Solutions provides timely information, elevates the customer service to the next level and helps the end customers to plan for the operations of the shipment. SmartMobile Solutions will help in cost savings for Container Shipping Lines, in terms of resources and time, and in addition provide instant information.

SVM developed the SmartMobile Solutions using the latest technology as iOS, Android, and HTML 5 single screen application for various business platforms and requirements such as SVM SMARTRAC for container tracking application, SVM eCom for E commerce application, LRP Doc verifier for documents verifier application, and SVM MOBIDASH for single screen BI application.

SVM SmartMobile solution in android and iOS have been built with ‘Model, View Controller’ (MVC) architecture.

SVM NFC and SVM QR code technology are used to share information via wireless bar-code technology, scan the liner information and obtain quick access to business activities.

Smartmobile Features

  • Access the latest shipping news
  • Find shipping events in real time
  • Application available for iOS, Android and HTML5 single screen application
  • Quick access of schedule and container tracking and trace information via mobile device
  • Vessel schedules based on the selected dates and transit times with voyage details
  • Notification messages based on container activity and transshipment
  • Define the rates and surcharges of each shipment activity
  • Find the details of container booking and Bills of Lading
  • Quick access of agency name and address details
Smartmobile Features
mobile track

Smartmobile Schedule

  • Easy-to-use mobile schedule application makes the latest schedules and changes accessible 24/7 anytime, anywhere.
  • Full mobile access to schedules dates, departure location and date, arrival location and date, transit times, Voyage details and more.
  • More integrated, less time consuming, and improving productivity.
Smartmobile Schedule

Smartmobile Reach

  • Keeping track of the container activity for live status on the mobile to make business decisions with less effort.
  • User can view history details for a specific time period.
  • Easy access of container location, recent activity, estimated arrival date and destination, BL and book No by SVM Track application.
Smartmobile Reach