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Tender Management System


Maximum of global trade is offered through a tender process and it’s a time-consuming and tedious process. Many rounds of negotiations and documentation with accurate data in the correct format eat into resources and profits. SVM TMS (Tender Management System) is the shipping industry’s first award-winning tender management system. The centralized and simplified system optimizes the process for all tendering requirements through automation. It improves the procurement process with increased data accuracy whilst requiring fewer resources and costs to operate.

tender management system

Features Offering

Supports multiple currency option OFR and surcharges

User configurable tender rights

Effectively manages tender log actions

Provision for auto-routing, and built-in contribution calculator including DG and OOG

Auto email notification for every user

Features for tender re-process and re-submission

Resources of TMS

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Business Benefits

Improved productivity by reducing manual task

Improved data quality using excel import features

Better-informed decisions on tender process

Ensures customer information is secured

Tracking of the real-time status of tendering process

A Complete and Automated
Tender System