SVM TMS Tender Management System

Tendering process in the liner shipping is a tedious and laborious process. For the shippers and logistics service providers, freight procurement and quotation creation come at a high cost, in terms of both pricing and time.  The process of multiple rounds negotiation, extracting the data and re-exporting the data back into the exact document format, understanding the terms of tender and tracking rate changes throughout the tender life cycles has been some of the practical issues faced by the commercial and procurement team of the liner companies.

SVM TMS :  SOLVERMINDS has understood these issues and developed the shipping industry’s first awarded Tender Management system. It is optimizing their freight and logistics tendering process with easy-to-use and Freight tendering is being simplified, allowing more businesses to save cost quickly and easily. It enables shipping liners practice centralize procurement policy – a new management tool for executive to process the tenders. This system simplifies and automates the tedious manual and is to ensure the best fit to the customer services, which offers best value for money.

The SVM solution allows user to upload customers request for quote tender data, auto process the routing and rates, check the contribution margin, get the rates approved by the respective trade managers and download the data back into customer documents in a seamless data flow process reducing data entry errors.

Best of SVM TMS




  • Supports multiple currency option OFR and Surcharges
  • User configurable Tender Rights for Corporate marketing and Pricing Users
  • Provision added to involve multiple pricing team in single tender
  • Features added to set the required no of iteration to control the counteract
  • Effectively manage Tender Log actions to view complete transaction of corporate and pricing tender activity
  • Tender dictionary helps to validate efficiently the customer input details
  • Provision added to select the Auto Routing and global surcharges
  • Provides Built-in contribution calculator for Trade manager to make decision
  • Provision added for OOG and DG, where user can define OOG specification and DG clause
  • Provision added to validate the Surcharges have been specified for all the defined Port pairs
  • Provision added to dispatch the Port pairs without routing; whereas pricing users can be assigned the route
  • Proper validation for the non-serviceable port pairs
  • Provision for Tender Gate to display tender details of respective participant to act upon
  • Pricing user can also set the discrete rate as OFR
  • Additional free days can be added with tariff free days by pricing users
  • Auto triggering mail option for every corporate marketing and pricing user actions
  • Feature to convert the tender into Service Contract (SVC) and Customer Rate Agreement (CRA) for the carrier to pass information down to the agency



  • Best tender management system with Awarded option
  • Provision added to re-processing and re-submission the tender
  • Improves productivity and reduces laborious manual task of entering tender data
  • Long term tendering process
  • Makes better informed decisions on whether to bid or decline the tender
  • Ensures accurate pricing without missing any applicable surcharges
  • Track the recipients who have viewed the invitations and notify them with the responses
  • Auto translation of customer’s codes to system codes for more accurate matching of tender data
  • Gain visibility over the trade and associated trade manager & map accordingly
  • Expedited email trigger option while submitting the tender and while amending the freight details
  • Comprehensive system that ensures customer information is secure
  • Drag and drop feature enables different excel tender document mapped with system tables with ease and saved as a template for future use