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Vessel Auto Plan


Stowage planning (vessel auto plan) is a vital component for the safe efficient operation of ships. The challenge in today’s complex stowage planning is that planning must address different vessel sizes, capacities, and varying cargo mix. In addition, container stowage planning must complete all the tasks efficiently, safely and on time.

SVM VAP (Stowage Planning) helps to lessen some of the complex tasks through automation, freeing up valuable planning time. Built-in algorithms help to iron out human errors such as; container over stows, excessive vessel stresses and less than optimal vessel stability. It makes the process simpler, accurate and easier to manage ensuring no costly delays are incurred, which could impact the operation of ships today.

vessel auto plan

Features Offering

Automatically optimized stowage planning

Planning based on multi-port cargo forecast

Schedule integration with ERP using web services

Integration with Loadstar and capacity planning

Cost analysis for port omissions and COD

Consideration of multiple-terminal restrictions in initial planning

Single zip file stowage instruction

Resources of VAP

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Business Benefits

Efficiency – Saves manpower, time and improves operations efficiency

Complexity – Can develop optimized stowage plan for the largest vessel

Flexibility – User can change loading patterns and set rules

Accuracy – Optimization algorithm provides 95% to 99% accuracy levels

Optimized space utilization improves your
business efficiently by minimizing restow cost