SVM Voyage Estimator


About Voyage Estimator

voyageVoyage Estimator is the most advanced decision support solution to evaluate the accuracy of voyages. It calculates profitability based on the estimated figures. The ship owner / charterer can estimate the voyage for different vessel for the different cost.

The estimation calculation is done based on the Business Plan, Schedules, Load and Discharge Ports, Proforma details including Vessel Cost, Commodity, Cargo Capacity, Vessel Speed, Bunker Consumption, Port Expense and Type, Size of ship under the same market conditions. Voyage Estimator is used to compare the revenue with the total costs of the same voyages for the different vessel and to find which vessel is the most profitable.

Solverminds is the leading software provider ship owners, operators, and charterers to manage commercial chartering and vessel operations to reach high accuracy. SVM Voyage Estimator solution helps in better planning and chartering decisions, improved operator productivity, higher fleet utilization, automated invoicing and streamlined processes between chartering, operations, and accounting.



SVM Voyage Estimator

SVM voyage estimator provides a solution that automatically estimates voyage revenues, expenses in port level and sea level, profit/loss, and other parameters, including bunker costs for environmentally restricted areas. It performs deviation and sensitivity analysis of quantity, freight rate and bunker prices from a single screen to improve decision making.




  • Accurate voyage estimation
  • Provision for planning the bunker ports related to both bunker cost and cargo maximization
  • Ability to view the financial summary with voyage details, revenue, cargo handling cost, vessel cost, voyage result and KPI (Key Performance Index) for Profit and loss analysis
  • Provision to calculate the Demurrage / Despatch cost
  • Integrated system with proforma service and bunker management modules to reduce the manual intervention
  • Cargo freight rate charges calculation based on the various parameters such as metric ton, kilos, pounds, lane meter and revenue per ton
  • Cargo handling charge calculation based on various terms such as Free In/Out, Free In/Out and Stowage, Liner, Free In & FAS, Free In & Free Out, Liner In, Free out, Free In & Liner Out
  • Different cargo and vessel combinations and visibility of commercial outcome
  • Compare the voyage estimation for different vessels on a single screen


Key Benefits

voyage benefits

User can view the financial profit and loss analysis summary of voyage estimator to compare the multiple voyages in single screen with various cost and KPI (Key Performance Index). Click Here