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Vessel Chartering

SVM Vessel Chartering

The time and efforts taken for chartering the vessel via e-mail, fax, and direct calls with the charterer and owners with multiple counteracting, negotiations and finalizing deal were the time consuming and complex manual process. In some cases, signed parties will forget the terms and conditions, whereby, business fails to meet revenue. So charterers need a solution to track all the business responsibility, agreed period of time, agreed conditions, etc. with the owners.

SVM Vessel Chartering Our solution addresses the above challenges and helps to find the best ships and fix it quicker with mutually agreed business terms. Depending on the type of charterer and ship, our solution monitors the hire amount, laycan period, time of delivery and redelivery, operating expenses, fuel, port expenses and agreed terms between the ship-owner and the charterer.

Our solution facilitates one to decide who has to take full control of the vessel along with the legal and financial responsibility.


Features Offering

Complete integration system for chartering success

Comprehensive tracking control across negotiations

Complete follow-up of the chartering activities

Various chartering reports

Business Benefits

Less resource and time utilization

Controls leakages of operating expense

Informed decision making

Easy Identification of prospective chartering matches

No brokerage is required between owners and charterer

An intelligent chartering solution helps you in
effective planning