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Vessel Stowage Plan


Solverminds Vessel Manual Plan (Stowage Plan) is specially designed to stow the break-bulk cargo onboard in the container vessel with better space utilization, stability, and stress calculation. It is a powerful full-featured break-bulk planning software that includes all essential factors which requires for effective stowage planning.

Our advanced solution is tailored for break-bulk and each cargo/container type for any size of vessel which covers both the deck and under-deck of the ship according to your needs. The stowage plan made Cargo Views easy by setting coloring option, cargo location and graphical representation for better visibility for a better planning.

Features Offering

Plan the entire voyage and instantly switch from one Pay condition to another

Simple drag-and-drop function to stow, move and rotate cargo

Graphical rendering of the block- and odd-shaped break bulk cargo on plans

Advanced stowage rules and limitations checks

Manual input, BAPLIE, and electronic import/export of cargo data

Real-time feedback of stability parameters and floating status

Business Benefits

More efficient stowage plan for all type of cargoes

Better utilization of the vessels

Shorter port stays by perfect planning

Reduced business failure by improved slot loss calculation

Single window stowage system to manage
Breakbulk and Container Cargo