Shipping Operations – Introduction

Successful logistics businesses require effective and efficient logistics operations planning, for both inland and sea port environments. The Container Shipping Lines business involves transporting different kinds of consignments from a place of origin to an international or local destination. Maritime Transport is the back bone of international trading and merchant trading carries with it the responsibility of delivering goods on time, every time.

SVM Operation Solution empowers carriers and logistics service providers to streamline their transportation processes to better meet customer requirements and expectations.

This is achieved by applying constant controls on transportation costs, locking expenses, arresting cost leakage and providing information for contract negotiation.

Operational Planning optimizes all transportation moves, including inbound, outbound, and inter-terminal or Inter location transfers, from simple point-to point, to complex multi-modal, multi-leg and cross-dock operations. A transportation business needs to manage inventory / fleet levels. In addition, the SVM Operation Solution attempts to maximize capacity utilization and monitor the interactions within the system.

SVM – Operation Solution

Haulage Planning

SVM Operation Solution provides the option to do the Haulage planning for transportation of cargo into inland location or vice versa using various modes of transport, such as, Rail, Truck, Barge or Combinations.

Additionally, the SVM Operation Solution provides that haulage moves can be defined with multiple legs (yard to door, depot to door, door to door, door to terminal, depot to terminal) using Transportation Dispatch Notice (TDN). In the TDN module, the system fetches recovery and cost details from the recovery and cost modules and TDN acts as Container Release Order to the depots.

Vessel Planning

Based on the confirmed booking details of a port location, vessel utilization planning is performed. The SVM Operation Solution has a feature to carry out the load planning activity without the actual container being gated into the terminal (or even container numbers) and there is an option to nominate the Main Line vessel or Feeder vessel. If the load plan is performed with third party Feeder vessel, the system updates the vendor details feeder schedule which will be referenced in the cost module when generating expense report.

SVM Operation Solution has various options to do the Load Confirmation activity. This can be performed via Bay plan (Baplie), import Excel Template and manual operation.  The load confirmation is easily done by verifying and matching containers which are planned and which are onboard.

Discharge List & Plan

SVM Operation Solution has the provision to do the discharge plan based on previous load port activity and has the feature to flag the shipment type as Local or Transshipment. In the same interface, it has special features to carry out load plan activity for transshipment container once discharge plan is done. If shipment type is local, then the data flows automatically into import documentation activity, where system audit the operation planned containers with Bill of Lading condition.

Work Order

SVM Operation Solution has the provision to track any reposition of own fleet (from surplus equipment location to deficit equipment location) outside the commercial control by means of Work Order interface.

Vessel Roll Over

SVM Operation Solution has a feature to carry out vessel roll over activity from plan to vessel to available vessel which occurs due to port omission, vessel space constraint, or inclement weather. It is an easy way to change the container loaded from one vessel to another vessel and the system updates the relevant transaction module automatically.


  • Plan and execute domestic and international transportation movements under one system
  • Plan all modes of transportation
  • Multi-leg routing
  • Cross-docking and pooling system
  • Carrier and Mode selection
  • Optimize fleet and service provider resources in single solution
  • Round trip and back haul Planning
  • Easy identification of Local & Transshipment booking
  • Easy view work order planned containers and container’s operation planning history
  • Business Benefits

  • Efficiently plan  for inbound, outbound, and inter-facility
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Maximize equipment utilization
  • Increase supply chain reliability
  • Increase customer service levels
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Improved audit trial
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • SVM Operation Solution enables you to plan all your transportation requirements in one place – that is, all supply chain flows (outbound, inbound, inter-facility shipments, and returns), all modes of transport (over the road, rail and ocean) and all geographic areas (domestic and international). As a result, you can support the global logistics operations benefits and efficiency provided by a single transportation operation management solution.