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Balaji Ramamoorthy


I lead the product engineering and architecture team at Solverminds.
The challenges I face are among the numerous things that motivate me to show up for work each day. I enjoy thinking creatively and coming up with solutions to challenges as they emerge. I enjoy my job more when a customer, a coworker, or management presents me with a technology problem. I adore working with aspiring, brilliant young engineers and helping to build an environment that makes them realize their original ideas.

I would characterize Solverminds as pleasant by nature, and I am pretty adept at striking a work-life balance. My average day begins at 5:30 AM with yoga and vipassana; then, I teach yoga to a few of my neighbourhood friends. I change to working mode at 9:30 AM with the morning stand-up meet/call. I enjoy talking about yoga, health, and life’s purpose in my free time. I firmly believe in inclusivity at work; thus, I always connect software development and self-improvement in my discussions. Both eventually come together.

Since the beginning, I’ve come to understand how Freedom and Trust at Solverminds allow everyone to explore fresh notions, which keeps us inspired all year long. The most recent instance is developing a No Code Application Platform for the Pharmaceutical Industry at COVID. The Enterprise Cloud platform, No Code Platform, AI & ML, and Solverminds offer countless options to investigate cutting-edge trends and technologies.