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Are You a Retailer or NVO Starting a Liner Shipping Company?

Quickly Launch End-to-End Liner Solutions with Solverminds’ Liner Software

Supply chains around the world are straining under increased freight costs and a higher demand for the transportation of finished goods. Compounded with container shortages and port delays, it is not surprising to see many retailers starting or contemplating purchasing their own shipping containers in a desperate bid to avoid empty shelves.

The congestion and bottlenecks at the busiest ports are so severe that some of the biggest retailers are chartering their own ships to bring in their merchandise from overseas, despite pricing for charters being at record levels.

But why stop there? 

The current state sees cash-rich liner shipping companies unable to provide empty containers and slots to many retailers and/or NVOs due to container unavailability and fully utilized vessels. The impact is freight rates which have skyrocketed and, most of all, opportunity loss for retailers and NVOs from lost potential revenue. This has driven retailers, manufacturers and other NVOs to look at options that will allow them to take control of their maritime supply chain instead of handing over this control to freight forwarders. 

In short, retailers and manufacturers are looking for their own container shipping lines, who, rather than outsourcing such needs as they have done previously, now bring it inhouse to alleviate substantial gaps in the store shelves due to the short supply of consumer products.

“The importance of shipping in relation to the global economy, globalization and international trade cannot be underestimated”, says Anthony Damian, managing director of Solverminds Solutions and Technologies, a software company that provides intelligent solutions that are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and strong maritime domain expertise for liner shipping worldwide. “Maritime trade allows suppliers around the world to sell what is produced and, in turn, purchase what is needed. The pandemic has caused a substantial global supply chain crunch. Due to fewer ships being available for chartering, fluctuating charter rates and smaller tonnage being available for shorter durations, it makes financial and commercial sense for retailers and NVOs to charter their own ships.”

The increase in demand for shipping services at affordable prices makes starting a shipping line logical in today’s economic climate.

What challenges await you if you are planning to start a shipping line to deal with supply chain frustrations?

There are many challenges that you may face as a retailer or NVO, regardless of whether you are new to the industry or well-established. These include:

  • Sourcing an all-in-one technology platform that can manage logistics, ERPCRM, and other milestones in the supply chain
  • Understanding  the role and work of the professionals involved in the supply chain, such as the freight forwarder, custom’s broker and shipping agent
  • Determining how the complete process of liner shipping functions, from booking to books, HS Code, tariffs, bill of lading, incoterms, implications of liability, and risk management
  • Identifying the right sized ships to charter (or purchase) and which ports to call
  • How to manage container inventory across the globe, with particular attention to container imbalances
  • Setting up the EDI interfaces between various parties, such as terminals, ports, customs, depots, customers and vendors
  • Sourcing and retaining the right staff with the necessary skill set and domain expertise
  • Managing the various stakeholders that are associated with the ocean and land transportation parts of the supply chain 

While it could be said that these are universal challenges faced by almost all organizations around the world, it is essential to consider that shipping liners also need to address the following:

  • Empty container imbalances and repositioning of equipment
  • Planning the inland, feeder, rail logistics to be integrated with liner ships
  • Port, Terminal, Depot, Feeder and Haulage contracts
  • Port congestion, limitations, and delays
  • Maintenance and repair costs of asset
  • Fluctuations in demand and their impact on every part of the transportation cycle 
  • Legal and administrative concerns

Get a Headstart by Adopting Robust, Process-Driven Liner Solutions

Solverminds has a long and successful history of solving maritime challenges.

“This is what we do,” says Anthony Damian. “With more than 20 years of experience building liner ERP applications, we provide shipping lines with Liner Software, Well defined process, resources, and shipping expertise which they need to operate their vessels and execute the movement of cargo. 

For this reason, Solverminds is the ideal partner in your new shipping line. Providing solutions to all the challenges liner companies face, and providing new shipping line startups with access to these tools and skills immediately, means they are a natural conclusion to this challenge.

Every aspect of the interaction between a shipping line and all its touchpoints is taken care of through Solverminds. That means you don’t have to start from scratch and ‘learn your way’ through the process as you catch up with the big players from behind.

With Solverminds, you can “plug and play” directly into a cloud-based, virtual, tried-and-tested shipping liner framework that has all the tools and expertise you need for a successful shipping line.

Solverminds provides these solutions for liner management:

Additionally, you get access to the hands-on expertise of the people in Solverminds. This expertise effectively gives you an instant and complete virtual liner company at your disposal.

“Solverminds has been solving problems and supporting liner companies for decades,” says Anthony Damian. “We have the domain expertise and technical solutions all under one roof that allows you to jump the queue and start smooth sailing.”

It’s Full Shelves and Full Ships with Solverminds

Solverminds empowers global liner companies by giving complete control, clarity, and visibility in liner operations. Innovative and robust technologies give you clear visibility at every stage of the transportation leg. Our flexible, end-to-end liner solutions and consulting services help liner shipping companies to adapt, evolve and grow their liner business.

With Solverminds, you save costs, optimize your operations, improve margins and generate value.

Speak to us about getting started today!

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