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About – Solverminds

Solverminds is a leading global technology company providing enterprise resource management solutions, consulting and data analytics services to a maritime industry where business meets the technology. The vision of the company is to develop a “Truly” integrated Enterprise Application Suite for the liner shipping company. Deeper domain expertise and advanced technology platforms offer a complete range of technology products for liner operations management, ship management, agency management and advanced analytics.

Solverminds solutions run on an advanced web platform that not just reduces the overall cost of IT but also ensures superlative user experience, global scalability, and quicker implementation cycles. Powered by Advanced Data Analytics and Optimization engines, our solutions not just automate the business processes but provide the actionable insights, predictive results, help make informed decisions and also prescribe the best actions for optimized business results.

“Efficient working with an Efficient and intelligent system”


Our Mission

Our Mission

For our PEOPLE Nurture a holistic learning environment which empowers people from diverse backgrounds to enhance their skills and capabilities

With our Clients

Dynamically partner our clients in achieving business excellence by delivering innovative and intelligent solutions which adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity

Into Research & Development

Foster a ‘Center of Research & Innovation’ to constantly create and adapt to emerging technologies, processes and platforms

Social Responsibility

Pledge resources towards environmental and social welfare initiatives to promote a balanced and socially aware workplace

SVM Milestones

  • 2018

    Stowage Planning Solution

    We partner with one of the leading shipping company in Singapore to implement our Stowage Planning System.

  • Ship Management Solution

    Shore to ship Document Management, QHSE Compliance, and Planned Maintenance System solution have been implemented by Major shipping company.

  • ERP V2 Migration

    Emirates Shipping Lines (ESL) is migrated from Traditional SVM LRP / ARP to SVM ERP V2 - GENESIS.

  • 2017

    ERP V2 Implementation (SaaS)

    Solverminds proudly announces that Mediterranean Container Lines (MEDCO) – Tunisia, implements our ERP V2.

  • Vessel Husbanding System

    Emirates Shipping Line has implemented our VHS application

  • ERP V2 Implementation

    International Banana Trader selects our ERP – V2 application for their business process.

  • EDGE 2.0 Launched

    Released “Next Generation Predictive Analytics & Intelligence Solution – EDGE2.0” to show our capabilities in an Artificial Intelligence.

  • ERP Implementation

    Victory Star Shipping – Philippines implements our ERP application for their shipping process.

  • ERP V2 Launch

    Proudly launching our “ERP V2” with enhanced shipping industry features. Our system supports all browsers and compatible with all devices.

  • Liner Agency System

    Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Company Limited - Bahrain has implemented our Agency resource planning solution.

  • 2016

    Gothong Shipping opts SVM Solutions

    Gothong Southern Shipping Lines (GSSL) selects Solverminds to implement:
    1. Ebiz - e-business portal is designed to transact and track the shipment online.
    2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps in customer's sales-force across all branch offices and agencies to drive better customer services and increase sales.

  • EDGE & CRM Launched

    Solverminds launched EDGE - business analytics, intelligence solutions and Customer Relationship Management applications.

  • ISMS Certification

    Achieved ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification from BSI, an accredited registrar.

  • 2015

    CMMI Level 3 Accreditation

    Successfully appraised for CMMI Maturity Level 3

  • BPM Upgrade

    Released Business Process Management (BPM) to manage and optimize shipment order and fulfillment processes.

  • Launching new Shipping Solutions - OCR & BMS

    Solverminds proudly launching Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution and Bunker Management solution (BMS) to improve the liner operation performances.

  • Gothong Shipping ERP Implementation

    Gothong Southern Shipping Lines (GSSL) implements Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) application to improve liner performances

  • e-Biz Solution Implementation

    Pacific International Lines (PIL) selects our e-Business - self service solution to improve shipping operations.

  • 2014

    ERP Upgradation

    1. The latest trend features in technology such as; Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) are enhanced for system performance improvement and better user experience.
    2. SOLVERMINDS announces the availability of enhanced document security feature in Original Bill of Lading.

  • 2013

    Mobile Solution

    Solverminds launched first mobile LRP (mLRP) application available on Android and iOS. It offers easy mobile access to ERP application

  • 2012

    ERP Implementation

    Lorenzo Shipping Corporation, Manila, has implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as SAIL System

  • 2011

    Industry Recognition

    Awarded “Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development” by the Indian Economic Development and Research Association (IEDRA)
    Honored as “Finalist- Innovation IT of the Year” in the Containerization International 2011 award.

  • 2010

    ERP Product Implementation

    SVM ERP Product implemented to leading Shipping companies - White Line Shipping, NMC Container Lines.

  • 2009

    ERP Product Launch

    Solverminds proudly launched its flagship ERP Product.

  • 2007

    ERP Implementation

    We Partner with the United Arab Shipping Company (UASC), to implement SVM LRP as the end to end liner solution for their head office and their agencies worldwide.

  • 2005

    ERP Implementation

    We Partner with Emirates Shipping Line (ESL), to launch our end to end solutions to the liner industry.

  • 2003

    Small Startup Service

    Solverminds has commenced their operation in Liner software solution development in Chennai. Initiate application development in diverse segments in marine industry.

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