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Our people, with their commitment, passion, and loyalty, are our product. We nurture a holistic learning environment that employs people from diverse backgrounds to enhance their skills and capabilities and make Solverminds a leading technology provider.

Anthony Damian is a co-founder and managing director of Solverminds Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a multinational company specializing in ERP software solutions for Liner Shipping, Ship Management, and Data Analytics. As a natural visionary, Anthony leads the way forward with his accumulated skills and talents and delights in teaching the people around him to think as forwardly as he does...

Born in Delhi, Anthony started his inspiring career at a very early age, first as a cadet and then deck officer, and, later, as a chief officer on various merchant marine ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, oil ore carriers, and container ships.

Anthony's extensive experience of working with various ocean shipping lines equips him with an in-depth knowledge of end-to-end shipping processes, right from booking a container to delivery at the target destination. With more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, Anthony and his team have laid the foundation and framework of various maritime and analytics solutions that are used by many shipping companies today. Anthony is also highly experienced and skilled in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), predictive and data analytics, logistics, international shipping, and software and development processes and technologies.

A post-graduate of the University of Plymouth who majored in subjects like Maritime Economics, Shipping Finance, Maritime Law, Shipping Environment, Logistics, Shipping and Port Practice, Business Information Systems and Data Analysis, International Trade and Marketing Management, Anthony had his research papers published in the Journal of Transportation Management, completed a presentation entitled "Mergers and Alliances in the Liner Industry - A Historical Perspective, Proceedings of the Intermodal Distribution" at the Educators' Academy, Dallas in May 1998 and submitted a PG diploma thesis entitled “Mergers and Alliances in the Liner Industry: Strategic and Financial perspective”. In 1998, Anthony won the prestigious Maersk Line Award for Best Dissertation.

In 2003, Anthony co-founded Solverminds Solutions and Technologies alongside the company's three co-founders. From the very beginning, Anthony instilled the principle of keeping our customers happy so that they market our product to others. Since then, this vision has brought exponential growth in terms of expanding the reach of Solverminds by serving its customers in 85 countries with 600+ people passionately supporting our customers through our offices in Chennai, Singapore, London, Hamburg, Dubai, and Atlanta.

Anthony cares deeply about environmental and economic sustainability. Solverminds, as part of their environmental capital, has undertaken several ambitious science-based targets to combat climate change and ensure a smaller and positive carbon footprint. This undertaking has led Solverminds to bring forward strong business propositions regarding environmental, social, and government management initiatives. The challenge of significantly reducing emissions by combining sustainability and profitable innovation has provided a heightened purpose, transparency and greater authenticity to the Solverminds' brand.


We care deeply about our people, our customers and our products. At Solverminds, we are committed to creating sustainable and innovative solutions to the challenges facing our clients in the Maritime industry.

Mohit Oberoi is a co-founder and Executive Director of Solverminds Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a multinational company that specializes in ERP software solutions for Liner Shipping, Ship Management, and Data Analytics. Multi-talented and with more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, Mohit is a visionary startup leader with an exceptional history of raising capital and investing in startups...

Mohit is an inspirational leader at Solverminds and is dedicated to providing his employees with an innovative and dynamic environment that fosters both personal and professional development. As an incredibly technically minded individual, Mohit steers Solverminds' development and software products with the goal to create a better future using next-generation, cloud-based, AI-enabled technology. This, combined with Mohit's extensive professional experience across various industries has developed him into a thoughtful and inspiring leader.

With a Master's degree in Maritime Law from Cardiff Law School in the UK as well as a Bachelors of Science degree in Maritime, Mohit has an excellent understanding of the many components of the maritime industry. His extensive experience with machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), large scale mathematical optimization processes and an excellent understanding of software processes across the maritime and other industries make it easy for him to 'lead from the top'.

After co-founding Solverminds Solutions and Technologies in 2003, Mohit has worked closely with his co-founders and over 500 employees to establish an innovative solutions-based company that develops strong and positive relationships with its global customers. Mohit's dedication to Solverminds, its employees (fondly known as 'solvers') and customers has been instrumental in ensuring the company's growth and establishment as a reputable and trusted brand across 85 different countries,with offices in Chennai, Singapore, London, Hamburg, Dubai, and Atlanta.

Mohit is also dedicated to contributing towards environmental and economic sustainability. In order to achieve a number of science-based targets, Solverminds has committed to several environmental, social and government management initiatives. The combination of these measures do not only aide in the reduction of emissions and the company's carbon footprint, but, also contribute to creating a more ethical, sustainable and transparent brand.