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Stowage Optimizer N Analytics Assistant (SONATA)


Vessel stowage planning plays a vital role in achieving optimal vessel space utilization to ensure efficient and safe, on-time cargo distribution. Liner shipping companies have to quickly adapt their plans to different vessel sizes, high-volume cargo, and a cargo mix that may contain different types of dangerous goods. A good vessel auto plan can significantly reduce planning time and eliminate human errors to improve operational efficiency.

Solverminds’ Stowage Optimizer N Analytics Assistant(SVM SONATA) helps optimize the planning process with multiple cargo views that provide visibility, and flexible planning and un-planning of cargo. SVM SONATA offers full automation of segregation and close packing of DGs, enabling companies to book more DG cargo and boost revenue. SVM SONATA helps eliminate container over stows, excessive vessel stresses, and lashing errors.

stowage optimizer

Features Offering

Simulation of multiple vessel auto plan options

Automatic segregation and optimized packing of DGs

HC optimization of dead space

Automatic elimination of lashing errors

VCG optimization for enhanced stability

Advanced crane productivity

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Business Benefits

Efficiency – Improved operational efficiency with quick, flexible planning

Complexity – Optimizes plans for varying vessel capacities and mixed cargo while ensuring seaworthiness

Profitability – Offers 5-15% lift in DG cargo intake

Productivity – Saves manpower, reduces planning time by over 50%

Automate stowage planning to
maximize utilization, enhance stability and increase operational efficiency