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Better Cost Control through
Predictive Repair Management

Container Maintenance & Repair


Maintaining a fleet of readily available empty containers in-demand locations at all times is the biggest challenge of liners. Also managing manual process of repair cycles, repair price negotiations, scanning repair estimates, and communication with regional offices for approval are consuming more time, which leads to business failures.

Our Intelligent solution will help you improve all aspects of container repairs.

SVM CMR (Container Maintenance System) is an effective and efficient solution for container carriers and repair vendors. We provide greater control over the repair costs, 3D visual view of exact damaged portion, and tracking the status of every repair job. Our application streamlines the workflow process, which helps you reduce waiting times, improves repair cycle times, rendering containers back in service quicker, faster and more cost-effectively.

container maintenance and repair

Features Offering

Manage repair requests – Easy filtering by vendor, location & request date, and overdue jobs

Approval & workflow – Gain full visibility of repair and component cost. Review & approve the request in real-time

Manage vendor performance – Generate reports and analysis of vendor’s performance such as repair turnaround time, etc.

Manage maintenance cost – Manages maintenance and repair with multiple vendors and locations by using a single interface

Supplier’s Invoice Self-Billing – Automate billing process and accurate profit & loss analysis and accurate financial reporting

Integration – Auto update container inventory status, which reduces equipment idle time

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Business Benefits

Transparency – Global visibility of repair job orders and container repair history

Decision Making – Make informed decisions, while gaining greater control over repair cost

Visual view – View the exact location of damage in 3D

Utilization – Better container utilization to avoid costly empty reposition

Monitor – Monitor vendor performance with KPI reports and reduces M&R repair cycle times

Power of prediction gives you
greater negotiation