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Enterprise Resource Planning


The Liner/NVOCC shipping companies are constantly focusing on ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) solution to increase margins, robots control to improve operational efficiencies, Business Intelligence insights to provide better visibility on the analytical solution and accurate shipment details to the customers globally.SVM ERP – V2  is a streamlined, automated, web-enabled integrated ERP Solution, designed to help container shipping lines to gain unprecedented visibility in their global operation whilst optimizing asset utilization and minimizing cost. SVM ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) embraces advanced optimization algorithms and machine learning techniques to prescript best solutions for complex operational problems, aid quicker and informed decision making.

Enterprises Resource Planning


Responsive web application with enhanced user experience, accessible anytime and in any device.

Two Factor Authentication

Enhanced two-factor Authentication to access the application.,

Plug-In Intelligence

Widgets to provide better visibility insights and roles based right slices of Data to monitor operation process flow made ease.

Application Overview

Re-Optimize your operations real-time demands with improved customer responsiveness.

Smart Reports

Extract insights from your own data with a customized view and an option to download in xls & csv format.


SVM ERP – V2 is available in the Cloud or on-premises.

Features Offering

Plans and optimizes services using a built-in tools

Maximize the capacity of the vessel utilization based on actual and forecast

Customizable business rules to meet changing business environments

Comprehensive tariff system for accurate charges

Detailed reports on business-critical data

Unifies shipment order management, routing management and customer experience

Resources of ERP

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Business Benefits

Built-in tools help manage the business effectively

Improved productivity by reducing manual tasks and errors

Cost reductions through efficient inventory and cost management

Modular and highly scalable System

Accurate cost calculations based on the actions performed

Gain unprecedented visibility to real-time shipment data

Make your shipping process much easierwith our advanced technology